Asynchronous motors for inverter vector control VF series

The VF series vectorial motors have been designed to offer the highest performance and the maximum flexibility when supplied by inverter. The high ratio between power and dimensions accompanied by an excellent dynamic performance make this type of motor suitable for many different types of applications. They are particularly used for industrial applications where are necessary high speed and performance.

Main Features

  • Thermal dimensioning: class F according to CEI EN 60034-1
  • Protection degree IP23 o IP54/55 according CEI EN 60034-5
  • Cooling: IC 416 (for motor IP54); IC 06 (for motor IP23) according to CEI EN 60034-6
  • VF motors are manufactured as standard to meet vibration class A and balanced with half key. Class B is available on request.
  • IM B35 according to CEI EN 60034-7
  • Lubricated for life ball bearings
  • PTC 150°C thermistors (3 in series) in stator winding. PTC signal cable terminals are located in the terminal box.
  • Colour: black RAL 9005
  • Reference conditions: environment from -5°C to +40°C, max. height 1000m above sea level.
  • Storage temperature: -20°C ÷ +70°C



  • Special winding with specific voltage and frequency
  • High field weakening up to 4 times of base speed
  • Incremental encoder type SICK VFS60, 1024 ppr, supply voltage 4-32 Vdc, Line driver (TTL)
  • Sine/Cosine encoder 1 Vpp - 1024 ppr
  • Absolute encoder single-turn or multi-turn
  • Resolver 2 poles, 7Vrms, transformation ratio 0.5
  • Holding brake
  • Shaft without key
  • Roller bearings (VT100-VT132)
  • Oil seal (it is assembled only when the coupling is oil-bath lubricated)
  • Motors with system electrical insulation certificate OBJY with extension to Canada
  • Special design on customer's request