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Company Brusatori was born in 1953 as manufacturer of AC motors. As time goes by market demand urges Brusatori partners Giovanni and Carlo, as well as brothers, with their sons, into developing the still up-to-date DC motor. First the company creates a round cage series, self-ventilated and servo-ventilated, then the more efficient servo-ventilated motors with square cage. In the last few years industrial automation requires more developments, so new series of motors are manufactured: DC permanent magnets motors, square cage AC motors suitable for inverter vector control and finally different series of brushless motors till the carrying out of pitch control systems designed for wind power towers. The considerable company flexibility allows to face many different markets and applications. Today Brusatori S.r.l. supplies all known production sectors as food companies, printing machines, machine tools and also wind power sector, which is increasing more and more. Extremely short delivery times together with ISO, CE, UL certifications allow the company to satisfy all market demands, maintaining very high qualitative standards with machines that were built in the eighties and are still efficiently working. For any information please contact us referring to telephone numbers indicated in the contact area. Our operators will be able to help and advise you doing their best.

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Brusatori Motori and KEB Automation announce the partnership between the two companies with an agreement based on the acquisition by KEB Automation of 30%


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BR - Brushless Motors

Motors of the series BR offer torque from 2 Nm up to 450Nm and maximum speed of 6000 rpm. It is possible to have equipped with many different encoder types like resolver, Hall effect, SinCos, absolute encoder, Hyperface and DSL. This motors can be fully customized as per your requirement.

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VT - Asynchronous Motors

Motors of the series VT are available with power form 0.37 to 55 kW. It is possible to have equipped with many different encoder types like resolver, incremental enocders, SinCos, Absolute.

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VF - Asynchronous Motors

Motors of the series VF are available with power form 12 to 1000 kW. As standard VF motors are equipped with incremental encoder SICK.

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BRKS - Permanent magnets generator

The BRKS series of generators are available with power from 1 to 100 kW. The material used in these motor are of the highest quality on the market. Please ask to our R&D department all the information you need.

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